Fluidised Bed Coating
in High Performance Polymers
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What is Plastic coating

Plastic coating

Rhinocoat oven

A hot doughnut, dunked into fine sugar, emerges with a crisp sweet skin. Fluidised bed coating works in much the same way. The component, heated to 200-400 C is immersed for 1 to 10 seconds in a tank containing coating powder, fluidised by a stream of air. The hot component melts the particles which adhere to it, forming a thick coating with excellent adhesion.

Demanding applications requiring an attractive and long-term protection are ideal components for Dip Plastic Coating. It offers far better coverage over welds and sharp edges in comparison to powder coating and Dip Plastic Coat has a feel of quality and strength, offering freedom from the problems of cracking and peeling.

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