Fluidised Bed Coating
in High Performance Polymers
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Rhino Coat Ltd offer a wide range of coating materials that are designed specifically for Fluid Bed Coating (Dip Coating)

The main four categories are listed below.


A polyethylene powder for the coating of metal components. A smooth, attractive finish offering good edge protection with excellent covering power. It has outstanding insulation characteristics with resistance to most inorganic chemicals.

Coating thickness range: 300 - 900 microns
Typical uses: Cushion coating on metal (Wirework and Tube products)
Variety of colours available


Specifically designed as a long lasting, durable finish for both internal and exterior applications.

It is based on an alloy of acid modified polyolefin's. Therefore, PPA is resistant to stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, detergents and salt spray, providing excellent adhesion to metal with abrasion and impact resistance.

Coating thickness range: 300-750 microns
Typical uses: Brackets, stadium seating furniture, medical equipment and Wirework.
Variety of colours available

New Talisman

A low cost alternative to nylon, designed to meet the needs of hardness, abrasion and chemical resistance. It adheres well to metals without the need for primer. Approved by Ford.

Coating thickness range: 250-750 microns
Typical uses: SEE NYLON
Colours TBA


Specially modified super polyamide powder that gives a protective and decorative finish and can be used where components require environmental protection or an attractive impact resistant finish.

Nylon has good edge coverage, electrical resistance and nylons unique self-lubricating properties.

Items coated in nylon impart a high degree of protection to metal and are particularly suited to corrosion prevention.

Coating thickness range: 250-750 microns
Typical uses: Metal furniture, automotive parts, household goods, Medical and industrial applications.
Colour range available

Further technical advice may be obtained from Rhino Coat if you find the coatings listed do not meet your requirements as these are just a brief sample of coatings available all with their own unique properties.

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